PhD Candidate @TU Delft

OCT 2016 - NOW

During my PhD I will combine Machine Learning with Computer Vision and Computer Graphics.


Master Computer Science @TU Delft

SEP 2013 - AUG 2016

During my masters in Delft I discovered my passion for Machine Learning. I spent a long time on my masters project, simply because I loved it so much. My supervisors were Marco Loog and Jesse Krijthe, and we studied the problem of Active Learning using generalization bounds, in particular using the Discrepancy measure. View the abstract of my master thesis.

Bachelor Physics @Leiden University

SEP 2009 - AUG 2013

While I really enjoyed physics in my bachelor, in the end of my bachelor I fell in love with computer science (CS). During my bachelor project I built an application to control an electron microscope (EM) to record a giant mosaic of images as fast and accurate as possible. I also worked together with Frank Faas to develop a basic application to annotate and view gigabyte-size EM images. You can view the zebrafish dataset of the KosterLab research group here, which was in part annotated with help of software that Frank and I wrote. I spent the fourth year of my (physics) bachelor studying Computer Science in order to switch to my CS master at TU Delft.


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